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Physiotherapy and physical therapy have much to offer world health but are a secret too well-kept.  So we created the .PHYSIO domain extension for the profession to grow its global brand and speak with a stronger voice.

 If you share our vision for a greater PHYSIO, connect your website address to our very own namespace and tell the world who you (and your profession) are. 


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Why .Physio?

Your website’s domain name is your first impression, so make it count.  Here’s six good reasons to get a .PHYSIO domain:

1) short, memorable & relevant

The best domain names are short, memorable, relevant, easy to say and easy to type. With ‘PHYSIO’ to the right of the dot, there is plenty of room on the left side to connect your brand.

2) ranking, clicks & website satisfaction

As a stronger match to the search terms your .PHYSIO domain will inherently rank higher, receive more clicks and visitors will express great satisfaction with the content of your website.

3) professional recognition & credibility

Only members of the physiotherapy and physical therapy community can register a .PHYSIO domain name, engendering immediate recognition and greater trust from Internet users.

4) connection & promotion of the profession

Connecting your name with the profession’s own global digital namespace promotes you and promotes the profession in a consistent manner.  So we all benefit.  

5) branded navigation marketing

With just a single phrase you can tell people who you are, what you do and where to go for more information.  Build it into your logo because pictures are even easier for people to recognise, process and recall.

6) GLOBAL intellectual property protection

There is only one YOURNAME.PHYSIO domain available.  So secure your brand to protect against potential misuse of your identity across the entire digital world.

registering a .physio domain name is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Search for your new domain

Create an account

Register your new domain,
just like any other online purchase.

What domain name to register?

Every .PHYSIO domain name represents an extraordinary opportunity to build your digital brand.


If you have a presence on the Internet then you are already a brand.  Control what people see by creating your own personal website.  It can evolve as your career does and be your online CV and billboard.  Perfect for students and early graduates, and private practitioners.


If you already own a physiotherapy or physical therapy business you need to connect your business name to a .physio domain extension.  Your domain name can become your brand identity, telling people who you are, what you do & where to go online for more information.  Build the domain into your logo as a single visual device speaks volumes.


People most often search online for a physiotherapist or physical therapist within a three suburb location.  Imagine owning the domains that connect your location to the profession.  In the minds of customers you will be the number one physiotherapist or physical therapist in that location. Perfect for practice owners.


Everybody wants to be treated by a specialist.  If you have a special interest in a field of physiotherapy or physical therapy, then tell the world by claiming that domain name.  Build a website that shows off your hard earned expertise. Perfect for educators and entrepreneurs with a global vision.


Want to be recognised as the expert in your home town? Then connect your location and your speciality.  For example, the domain proclaims you as the number one sports physio in all of Sydney. Perfect for those wanting to cement their clinical place in their hometown.

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