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An Outstanding Physio

Creating a digital presence is a major project for anyone, but in single weekend UK physiotherapist Darren Brown registered a domain name, created a logo, built a website and integrated his Social Media profiles. When I asked Darren how he managed to achieve all of...

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Outdoor Physio Business Strikes a Different Path

What do you do between finishing your Doctorate of Physical Therapy and your Board Examinations? Start a business, of course. Meet Blade Rohloff from Michigan, USA. Blade is an outdoorsman. To the uninitiated that means he likes to hike, fish, hunt and scuba dive in...

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Thinking Physio Gets Better Results

Losing clients prematurely is the bane of every clinician. Having invested yourself so strongly in their well-being, it is frustrating and worrying when clients simply disappear. Are they just not that interested? Have they found your care wanting and gone elsewhere,...

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Digital Physio Gig Economy

Gig Economy: A free market system in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements. To generate more income you could use your car as an Uber driver or your property as an Airbnb host.  Both ‘game...

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Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting for Physio Success

Tania Clifton-Smith is a New Zealand physiotherapist and one of the first to register a .physio domain name when we launched the profession's own extension in late 2014. Consistent with her unique clinical specialty Tania secured www.breathing.physio and redirected it...

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Physio business success with the right fit domain

Four years ago, Perth-based physiotherapist Taryn Watson started a business called FitRight Physiotherapy. Taryn envisioned providing pelvic-floor friendly exercise classes to women, during pregnancy and in the postnatal period. Every woman who attends the exercise...

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Taking a stand on physio title protection

When Australians say 'physio' they mean physiotherapy", said the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) in a recent submission to government during a review of the Health Practitioner National Law. The APA is concerned regarding the misappropriation of the term...

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Australian.physio First Mover

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) has updated its URL to www.australian.physio. Abandoning their previous Australian country code URL of www.physiotherapy.asn.au, CEO Cris Massis said, “We are excited to be moving forward with our profession’s very own...

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www.news.physio website showcasing an extraordinary profession

I have long held the belief that physiotherapists and physical therapists (from now on referred to as ‘physios’) are extraordinary people, producing extraordinary outcomes. But that belief has become reality since the production of the news.physio website two weeks...

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