Whilst employed in regular physiotherapy jobs in regular clinics, two young entrepreneurial physiotherapists are busy building their digital future.  Travis Monk and Eric Leckie have a special interest in Men’s Health and prostate cancer, and are building a telehealth service to reach men in rural and remote regions of Australia.

Their business, aptly named Online Prostate Physiotherapy, has just launched their website at www.onlineprostate.physio.  Using Physitrack software and its video capacity, Travis and Eric have developed packages of care to help individual men with prostate cancer issues.

Travis and Eric met at the University of Melbourne when completing their Doctor of Physiotherapy.  Both coming from an Exercise Science background they anticipated a future career in elite sports, however a chance health promotion placement with a men’s community group exposed them to a population that needs help and a great business opportunity.

With experience with an online platform that provided exercise advice Eric used his knowledge and experience to build their new website based service.

The next step in their project is reaching potential clients and foremost is building a brand identity.  A graphic designer friend built their logo and with the exact-match nature of their business name and website address was able to build their domain name into the logo.

With a single visual device they can tell people who they are what they do and where to go for more information.

Right now Travis and Eric are building connections with Urologists who service rural and remote men, as well as connecting with the Prostate Cancer Foundation to let them know of their reach.

Whilst the power of the Internet allows for great distances to be reduced, it also allows for great volumes to be reached.  So Travis and Eric are building other ways to help men beyond the face-to-face consultation.  Education, advice and training programs can also be delivered asynchronously via text, podcast and video.  Building useful health packages and products that address the lifestyle factors that impact the disease and can be consumed independently of consultation services will allow Travis and Eric to enjoy extra passive revenue streams.

Whilst Travis and Eric are initially intending servicing Australian men, their offerings are equally relevant and available around the world.  Without any further investment or effort the distributive power of the Internet can turn their business into a global enterprise.

The delivery of health services are changing and people want information delivered in a variety of way.  These two physiotherapists are preparing themselves in the best possible way to lead the change into the digital era.