Losing clients prematurely is the bane of every clinician. Having invested yourself so strongly in their well-being, it is frustrating and worrying when clients simply disappear.

Are they just not that interested? Have they found your care wanting and gone elsewhere, or worse, given up? Or were they sufficiently cured quicker than you expected?

As a sports physiotherapist with over 30 years of experience, Annette Tonkin understands. When working with Olympic athletes and the Australian Women’s Basketball and Cricket teams, Annette was inspired to study the players and what truly motivated them to stick to their recovery programs. Recognising the power of ‘thinking’ Annette did further research and study into Neuro Linguistic Programming, the behavioural sciences and the nature of the human mind.

Subsequently Annette has developed a unique results-oriented approach that teaches clinicians to be think differently during their consultations. It is an approach which has produced considerable success over the years and Annette is now making these proven techniques available to other clinicians.

Annette’s thinking techniques put the ‘psycho’ into the biopsychosocial model, making effective consultations easier for clinicians. 

By changing the thinking of the clinician, consultations become more powerful and begin to facilitate change in the patient’s own thinking. In turn, producing better clinical outcomes, better client satisfaction, better retention and better business results.

Annette provides her training programs with short, custom professional development courses, full day training programs and personal mentoring. Most excitingly, with her new website Annette is offering a number of her training programs as online courses, many of which are absolutely free and available right now.

Known as the “Thinking Physio” Annette has built her new website at the powerfully named www.thinking.physio. Check out the logo above to see how her business name, service and website domain all work together.

With just a little learning you too can become a Thinking Physio who achieves better results.