The visual assets of your business, eg., logo, website, stationary, etc, are a manifestation of you.  Their appearance, quality and ease of use all send a message to your current and potential clients about what they can expect from you.

As technology rapidly progresses and your competitors raise their own standards it does not take long for your existing website to become old, outdated and outclassed.  Likewise, no matter how iconic your logo is, its creation was informed by the design standards, norms and trends of the time in which it was created.  Signs of aging soon begin to show.

Industry recommendations are for a new website every 3 – 4 years and a logo review every five years.

Nick Schuster is a business success by any measure.  Owner of his own business for 17 years he has added a new employee every year.  And as a second business, Nick’s physiotherapy business coaching of Ultimate Physio serves 1,000+ Australian clinic owners.  Nick has sold over 3,000 copies of his two physiotherapy business books to 600 physiotherapy clinic owners.

Challenged by his own business coach to best represent the quality of his business service offering, Nick recognized that after three years it was time to update his Ultimate Physio logo, website and brand image.  The result at is something of which he is very proud.

Modernizing your website is a great time to update to a shorter, more powerful website address.  The .physio domain extension does just that.  In Nick’s case the exact match between the business name and website address mean that with two words and a dot, ‘’ Nick can tell people who he is, what he does and where to go for more information.  This strategy of Branded Navigation is the future of marketing as more businesses move online.

Whilst Nick’s business coaching is targeted at Australian physiotherapists for now his books and audio, can be purchased online from anywhere in the world.  And to celebrate his brand new website Nick is offering his two audiobooks for the price of one.  Click here to take advantage of this time limited offer.

Take a look at your visual assets.  Is it time for an upgrade?