Four years ago, Perth-based physiotherapist Taryn Watson started a business called FitRight Physiotherapy. Taryn envisioned providing pelvic-floor friendly exercise classes to women, during pregnancy and in the postnatal period. Every woman who attends the exercise classes is provided with an initial assessment of their pelvic floor muscles, so that the program can be modified to be safe and suitable while remaining challenging.

Wanting women everywhere to be able to access her services meant Taryn needed an online presence. First task, was a website and a domain name. Due to the keywords ‘FitRight’ being taken in the most common domain extensions of .com and – whilst trying to keep the overall domain short in length – Taryn started with the domain

The absence of the word ‘physio’ meant that Taryn was continually questioned about whether her services were being delivered by an appropriately qualified professional. Fitness Instructors had long been the main providers of group exercise classes and although there are some fitness professionals who are very highly trained and skilled in the area of pregnancy and postnatal exercise, Taryn found that the majority of Mums and Bubs exercise classes were being run by people who didn’t understand the intricacies of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and most definitely were not pre-screening or able to assess for it.

Taryn needed a way in her branding to quickly identify her services as being those of a physiotherapist and so was an early adopter of a .physio domain name. Securing the exact match she said,

FitRight is a very unique, professional physiotherapy service and I saw the domain name of FitRight.Physio as a powerful way to quickly show potential clients that we were different and special.

Today FitRight.Physio now has over 30 physiotherapist contractors providing land and water based exercise classes, and education workshops, in over 15 different locations around Perth and Mandurah – as well as online video resources for women around the globe.

As the business grows Taryn is expanding her services to include FitRight Woman, providing the same range of exercise classes but for women between 45-65 years to target the specific issues associated with menopause.

Physiotherapists in the Perth and Mandurah region are invited to refer interested clients to FitRight.Physio and to make contact with Taryn at if they would like to know more about working with her to run FitRight classes in their own locale.

As Taryn grows and provides physiotherapy services on a larger scale, she is very happy with her earlier, bold decision to brand her company with the industry-specific domain name extension .physio. In just a few words and right up front, FitRight.Physio says who she is, what she does and where to go for more information, whilst immediately connecting her with our highly respected profession.