Every day physiotherapists, physical therapists and their network organisations from around the world post brilliant and insightful articles, images and videos on the world wide web and social media. Research results, clinical wisdom, new tools, announcements and professional commentary make up just some of the cornucopia of ‘information treasure’ that passes by in a 24-hour period.

Unless you are connected to everybody and stay glued to your social media channels all day you are likely to miss much of the wisdom that is being shared by your colleagues. Until now!

We are delighted to announce the launch of a daily online newspaper specifically for the physiotherapy and physical therapy profession. Located at the highly appropriate URL of www.news.physio the paper utilises natural language processing, machine learning, social signals and the human touch to analyse and extract the most relevant and engaging stories from the web and social media.

Updated daily, each new edition captures the stories of the profession from around the globe so that you can stay abreast of what is happening. Whilst most of the information is shared in written format, news.physio also captures, collates and shares the best images and video’s of the preceding day.

By subscribing (for free) to news.physio you will be sent a daily email of each edition’s headlines with a link to the full paper for when you want to read more.

Discover the extraordinary willingness of your colleagues to share their knowledge and expand the breadth and depth of your understanding of our profession by reading news.physio every day.

Simply go to www.news.physio and sign up now.